Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to repair my computer?
It is difficult to give an exact time frame until we have had a chance to look at the computer and have a better idea of what is wrong, typically we say allow three to five business days.

Do you make house/office calls?
Yes.  We can certainly schedule a time to send one of our technicians to do on-site troubleshooting and repairs.  However, it's generally much more cost-effective if you can bring your system to us.

How much will (insert error message) cost to get fixed?

While we can often give a good estimate over the phone, many error messages require some troubleshooting in order to determine the real cause of the problem.

Do I need to bring my power cord?
If it's a laptop, definitely bring in your power supply.  There are simply too many different types available for us to keep a wide enough selection on-hand.  For a desktop, as long as it uses the standard 3-prong power cord, you won't need to bring the cord.

Do you work on Macs?

Yes, yes we do.

Do you work on printers?
We install printers and troubleshoot communication problems between the printer and computer; however, we do not handle physical problems with the printers themselves.

Is my computer done yet?
If you have not received a call about your computer, you can safely assume it is not complete.  That does not mean it has not been started; some of our tests require several hours or overnight to produce accurate results.

What is a COA, and why do I need it for you to work on my computer?

The Certificate Of Authenticity is a license sticker that contains a 25-digit product key for your software.  Basically it is proof that the version of Windows that is installed, is a legal version.  Check out Microsoft's How to Tell website for sample COA images and more information about them.

You guys just cleaned my computer and reinstalled Windows; why can't I find Word or Excel?
This is a question that we field very frequently.  Word and Excel are two programs that are in the Microsoft Office suite.  Office has always been a separate product from Windows, but several manufacturers have included it in the purchase price of their systems.  Like Windows, Office has its own COA that is necessary for its installation.  Without that information we cannot install Office.

I have 15 years of data on my computer that just crashed.  Can you save my data?
This is a question we hear more often than you would expect.  If the hard drive (where the data is stored) is not the cause of the crash, the chance that we can recover your data is very good.  If the hard drive is the problem, that chance becomes much slimmer.  The only way to know for sure is for us to take a look at your computer.

Where does the name Asgard come from?
The term Asgard comes from Norse mythology.  When the business was originally started, we wanted a name that wasn't tied to any one person or place.  And, yes, that is a representation of Thor's hammer in the logo.